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Reveal My Partner's Hidden Needs PART 5: From punishment and reward to attachment

Tim and Tara's struggle with creating and maintaining a secure attachment pattern was so tragic and sad because it was unfortunately too common. Neither of them was involved in toxic behavior (addictions, infidelity, dishonesty, or abuse), and they both loved each other passionately. Nevertheless, they didn't trust each other, and their conflicts made it seem that breaking up was the only way to find peace.

Discover the essential steps they took to shift from a fear-based relationship to a Lasting Love Model, one that helped them solve every problem they faced while also maintaining a secure attachment!

This is a 5 part series. Use the links below to access each podcast.

Part 1: You can be right or effective
Part 2: Grieving leads to acceptance and success
Part 3: From feeling fearful to being resilient
Part 4:  Their hidden needs
Part 5: From punishment and reward to attachment

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