Become Secure


  • is a good beginner course for those who are unsure about their readiness to date or be in a relationship.
  • includes a downloadable workbook

  • is a one-year membership to the Lasting Love Academy's Become Secure online course (which includes nearly 100 mobile-friendly articles and audios).

  • and provides a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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To know if this Lasting Love Academy course is right for you, take the following self-test. 

Do you need to become more secure?

Answer yes or no to the following questions.

  1. Do you find yourself doing most of the work in your relationships?  ____ Y/N
  2. Do you struggle to express your feelings, needs, or opinions?   ____ Y/N
  3. Do you analyze and worry about the best way to handle situations?  ____ Y/N
  4. Are you primarily concerned about getting and keeping a relationship?  ____ Y/N
  5. Do you rarely get excited about the people you're dating (or meet)?  ____ Y/N
  6. Are you consumed with fears of settling or being trapped in a relationship (even when you're with someone great)?  ____ Y/N
  7. Do you regularly question whether or not you want to be in your relationship?  ____ Y/N
  8. Are you typically the one who ends your relationships?  ____ Y/N
  9. Do you get caught in unhealthy, abusive, manipulative, unfaithful, or dishonest relationships?   ____ Y/N
  10. Do you have difficulty trusting your judgment?   ____ Y/N
  11. Do you fear to be with someone who has a drug, alcohol, or sexual addiction?  ____ Y/N
  12. Are you plagued by concerns over whether you should stay or leave a relationship?  ____ Y/N
  13. Do you worry that you're too picky or not picky enough?  ____ Y/N
  14. Do you feel paralyzed by anxiety and feel relentless doubt about your attraction, compatibility, or what might be best for you (or them)?  ____ Y/N
  15. Do you linger in relationships because it is difficult to feel peace, progress, or break up?  ____ Y/N
  16. When you break up are you relieved at first but then feel paralyzed by longing and doubt a few weeks later?   ____ Y/N
  17. Do you put your partners through a revolving door of commitment and doubt?  ____ Y/N

If you answered yes to five or more of the questions above, Stage 0 will help you to feel more secure, confident, and resolved about your decisions and relationships.

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