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Conditions | Copyright | Disclaimers

Conditions | Copyright | Disclaimers

By proceeding forward with the use of Lasting Love Academy materials, including books, videos, audio, articles, memberships, and communities, and any other content provided (hereafter referred to as Content) through www.LastingLoveAcademy.com or the Lasting Love Academy App (hereafter referred to as LLA), or participating in coaching services with Alisa Goodwin Snell or other staff provided through the Lasting Love Academy (hereafter referred to as Coaching Services), I am stating that I have read, understand, accept, and agree that:

"I am 18 years of age. (1.a.)

"I agree to respect the copyright restrictions and laws associated with LLA, Content, and Coaching Services, and the concepts and dating or relationship advice taught by Alisa Goodwin Snell (herein included as part of LLA) for which I am gaining access; these materials and concepts will be used by me only and for my private use; I will not share my login email or password with others (without prior written consent), upload any LLA copyrighted materials to the internet, share any materials with large or small groups, or copy, reproduce, transmit, store, sell, and distributed any materials without the prior written consent of Alisa Goodwin Snell, or Davis Counseling Center, Inc., submitted by email to [email protected]; I may share my purchased books and DVD's, that were included in the Lasting Love Academy dating system, with a few friends and family, but I will not provide these for group or public viewing without written consent; if I would like a committed partner to access the Lasting Love Academy for the purpose of enhancing our relationship skills I will submit a written request to [email protected] before sharing such; I will compensate LLA as LLA sees fit for any harm or financial damages that may result from my accidental or intentional misuse or reproduction of copyrighted materials and online content due to the sharing of my email and password with others, whether shared with or without my knowledge. (1.b.)

"If I am married, my intention for utilizing these materials or engaging in coaching is for the advancement of my marriage only and that my actions will uphold and respect the sanctity of my and others’ marriages; I will not attempt to use the materials provided by LLA to actively date (or create extramarital relationships) until after I have obtained a legal divorce. (1.c.)

"My access to LLA and/or coaching services is contingent upon me using the materials to enhance my relationship skills and WILL NOT be used to engaged in behaviors that are, or could be deemed as, unlawful or verbally, physically, sexually, or emotionally abusive toward any adult or child; if there is a complaint of misuse of these materials, abuse of others, or suspicion that I have been engaged in abusive or stalking behaviors in the past or present, LLA reserves the right to immediately and permanently terminate my membership and/or Coaching Services without warning, proof, or due process and without a refund for any portion of the membership or coaching fees I may have paid or am obligated to pay; I also give LLA and those performing Coaching Services permission to release any relevant information about me or my activities to third party organizations, such as law enforcement or other organizations for human safety or protection, if such organizations request this information and/or if Coaching Services deem it is necessary for the safety and protection of myself or others and if my actions appear to be inappropriate or unlawful; I agree to hold LLA and Coaching Services harmless and release them from any liability related to any release of this information. I understand that LLA makes reasonable efforts to protect the privacy of clients and customers but makes no guarantee of privacy or confidentiality, especially as it relates to state and federal laws for reporting child abuse or neglect; I will refer to the privacy agreements of my individual Coaching Services providers for their confidentiality policies, and understand that they are also obligated to report child abuse or neglect. (1.d.)

“I understand that dating, relationship, and coaching is NOT considered a licensed profession; likewise, the designations of Coaching Services are not governed by professional laws, licenses, or statutes and do not constitute a legally recognized form of education or training; the designations of Coaching Services are authorized by LLA and Davis Counseling Center Inc., under the operation of a business entity that is entering into a licensing agreement with other business entities for the purpose of providing dating, relationship, and coaching education, materials, and concepts for the improvement of services and over-all benefit of clients; a client engaging in Coaching Services who is also participating in the services of the Latter Day Matchmaker is not entering into a legally binding agreement or relationship with Alisa Goodwin Snell or Davis Counseling Center Inc. when participating in services with the Latter Day Matchmaker and agree to hold LLA and Coaching Services harmles and to not include LLA or Coaching Services in any litigation related to the actions of the LDS Matchmaker; thus, I agree to proceed forward at my own risk. (1.e.)

"I understand that LLA’s coaching is an education, goal setting, and accountability program, not mental health counseling, and is not a treatment for mental health issues; I understand that Coaching Services are NOT intentionally, directly, indirectly, verbally, in writing, or otherwise agreeing to treat me for any mental-health issues; the techniques taught in such coaching are educational in nature and are not intended to relieve or alleviate any mental health issue; Coaching Services are not engaging in or agreeing to diagnose any mental health condition; if the concepts taught refer to Coaching Services past mental health counseling, education, and experience the information provided is for my benefit and instruction for the purposes of education and not for the purpose of diagnosing or treating any mental health condition; the terms of my participation in individual coaching or within the Lasting Love Academy is completely dependent upon the relationship being of a coaching nature and not of a counseling nature; if I suspicion that I may have a mental health issue I will seek competent professional counseling and/or medical care. (1.f.)

"I understand that Alisa Goodwin Snell has a master's degree in marriage and family therapy and 17 years of experience as a counselor and marriage and family therapist, but as of 10/1/12, she decided not to renew her license as a marriage and family therapist and is, therefore, only acting as a dating coach; any reference to her being a marriage and family therapist in a previously recorded post, video, audio, article, book, or other media would have been true at the time of the recording or post and does not mean that she is currently licensed as such. (1.g.)

 "I agree to maintain professional conduct while on LLA websites and to safeguard my privacy. I proceed forward, accepting and understanding that any comments I make on LLA websites are my responsibility and that LLA makes no guarantees of privacy or confidentiality; LLA reserves the right to edit, remove, or delete any comment or post I might make; LLA websites include public access; if I post comments or send personal emails to LLA or others in which it is determined that I may be a threat to myself or to others, LLA will share this information with any agency or person that is capable of or responsible for the safety and protection of others and/or children. And I understand that my membership will be immediately terminated. (1.h.)

"I agree that during coaching it may be in my best interest to have Coaching Services teach me techniques congruent with socially appropriate forms of touch, including but not limited to, shaking hands, touching the arms, mid-section of the back, knees, or shoulder, and/or giving hugs; if I am uncomfortable with such touch I will communicate this at the time in which the opportunity to learn the skills are offered; I agree to hold the Coaching Services harmless for any touch that occurs, with the exception of any kissing or sexual touch; kissing and sexual touch or sexual exposure are not an ethical or appropriate part of coaching and should be reported immediately in writing to Alisa Goodwin Snell at [email protected] with the title of “Unethical behavior: Please respond immediately”; I reserve the right to always report this information to the appropriate authorities and should immediately do so if I feel I was manipulated or coerced into sexual behavior; I will not engage my coach in any sexually explicit communication with the purpose of sexually acting out with my coach; if I desire to date my coach, I will need to terminate my coaching relationship in writing to [email protected] with appropriate information explaining the nature of the coaching relationship and why I feel dating the coach would not be harmful to me given the nature of the coaching experience I had prior; I will send this letter in writing prior to expressing an interest in my coach, and my coach will need to do the same; if any dating or sexual contact occurs during a coaching relationship, the Coaching Services will be immediately revoked, pending an internal investigation. (1.i.)

"I understand that there are many factors that can affect my situation, all of which are beyond LLA’s control, including my interpretations of the principles and techniques taught through LLA, Content, and Coaching Services, LLA, and that there is no written or implied promise that LLA, Content, or Coaching Services will result in another person obtaining a specific outcome or me; LLA hopes to increase a person's chances of success in dating or relationships; however, LLA cannot and does not guarantee that I will marry, marry well, or be happily married; LLA makes no written, verbal, or implied promise or guarantee that I will be safe, confident, and successful while dating; I proceed forward at my own risk and accept responsibility for my own actions, decisions, and consequences; my decision to enter, stay in, or leave a relationship with the risks that follow are always my own. (1.j.)

"I understand that when receiving access within LLA, my purchase is for a one-year term only; I may renew my membership for a discount by emailing [email protected]; LLA does not offer a money-back guarantee beyond 30 days or due to a lack of progress, a failure to reach specific goals, or the inability to obtain a desired result; I accept that LLA does not offer a refund for Coaching Services or late cancelation charges that have been provided. (1.k.)

"I agree to hold LLA, Coaching Services harmless in the event that I experience abuse, a loss of a relationship, or any other negative experience while dating others. (1.l.)

"I agree to hold LLA, Coaching Services, Alisa Goodwin Snell, and Davis Counseling Center Inc. harmless and will pay any and all legal, personal, professional, and financial costs resulting from my actions that directly or indirectly implicate or affect LLA and cause LLA to be involved in litigation for LLA’s defense as a result of my actions; I agree to pay for any and all travel expenses for LLA’s representatives and legal counsel that are necessary to be present during litigation. (1.m.)

"I understand that the materials and websites may include links or contact information to third-party websites or persons; such information does NOT mean LLA or Coaching Services is endorsing said websites or persons; I acknowledge and agree that LLA and Coaching Services are not responsible for the content or actions of such sites or persons; I agree that if I proceed forward in following links or contacting third parties, I do so at my own risk and am responsible for determining the appropriateness of doing so. (1.n.)

"I agree that LLA reserves the right to change or remove (temporarily or permanently) the LLA websites, apps, or services without notice; LLA shall not be liable to me for any such change or removal; my continued use of these websites, apps, or services following any such changes shall be deemed as my acceptance of such change. (1.o.)

"I agree that LLA reserves the right to change or remove the policies and procedures outlined herein at any time and that it is my responsibility to review these policies and comply with them and any changes with or without notice from LLA or its associates. My continued involvement in Coaching Services or the use of the websites and materials following any such changes shall be deemed to be my acceptance of such change. (1.p.)

 "I agree that if any of the Terms and Conditions as outlined herein should be determined to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable for any reason by any court of competent jurisdiction, then such Term or Condition shall be severed, and the remaining Terms and Conditions within these shall survive and remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable; I agree that these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the USA and the state of Utah and I hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Utah courts. (1.s.)

"I agree that I have read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies outlined at https://www.lastingloveacademy.com/pages/privacy-policy  and https://www.lastingloveacademy.com/pages/terms.

Last Updated: June 22, 2024


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