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Alisa Goodwin Snell, M.A.

has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy and spent 17 years performing individual and marital counseling.* Alisa is the author of 7 books, 4 DVDs, and numerous audios. She is the creator of the It’s Not You—It’s Your Technique dating system and the Lasting Love Academy online courses. As a dating and relationship coach, she has assisted thousands of singles in being safe, confident, and successful with hundreds of marriages resulting from her coaching and concepts. Alisa is a sought out public speaker and has been on over 100 TV and radio programs nationwide, including those listed below.

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825 N. 300 W. Suite W-307, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Take I15 to 600 N. in Salt Lake. Go East on 600 N. Turn left on 300 W. Turn left again at 800 N. You should see a big red-brick building on the right.
Park in the south parking lot. As you enter the building, take a left at the white chairs (near the fish tank) and find the elevator straight down the hall. We are on the 3rd floor in the west wing.

IF YOU ARRIVE FOR YOU APPOINTMENT AFTER 6 P.M. the exterior doors will be locked. When you arrive, call or text Alisa at 801-447-6000 to indicate that you are there and she will come let you in.

If you have problems with these directions, give us a call.

Lasting Love Academy courses


Alisa's dating and relationship courses are outlined in a five-stage, skill-development program. Stage 0: Become Secure focuses on everything you need to know and do to create a secure foundation for you and your relationships (your purchase only includes Stage 0). Stage 1: The first six weeks of dating focuses on everything you need to get dates, manage rejection, avoid common dating traps, identify the potentially abusive and manipulative, create meaningful connections, and secure the interest of the opposite sex. Stage 2: Pre-exclusive focuses on helping you to have fun, get to know them better, ensure safety and compatibility, and establish trust before becoming exclusive. Stage 3: Creating secure attachments focuses on the essential steps and behaviors you and your partner will need to develop and maintain deep and secure connections or bridge communication issues. Stage 4: Solving problems as a couple focuses on essential and critical skills for resolving issues, repairing relationships, maintaining a high level of positives, and overcoming specific challenges that stress relationships. Stage 5: Engagement to Marriage prepares you for the upcoming issues and blessings of marriage, as well as ensuring sexual satisfaction and emotional fulfillment. See below for more details.

Faith-friendly products and services.

Most singles struggle with fears (such as not being good enough, rejection, failure, abandonment, being used, lied to, cheated on, abused, or unable to have what other's achieve, etc.). The best antidote to fear is faith in true principles. You will find it easier to create a secure attachment pattern if you're grounded on something lasting, such as faith in yourself, your future, the goodness of the opposite sex, and/or the love of God. If you struggle, like many singles, to have faith in any or all of these, don't worry. This program will build on the faith that you have. Anyone from a religious background (or not) that supports a loving view of God, and adheres to basic moral values, will find Alisa's faith-based principles to be in alignment with theirs. If you do not believe in God, focusing on the principles Alisa teaches and having faith in them will have a powerful effect since her materials are grounded in real-life observations and foundational concepts from her years of education and experience as a dating coach and marriage counselor. 

*For your information

Alisa Goodwin Snell has a masters degree in marriage and family therapy and 17 years of experience as a counselor and marriage and family therapist. As of October 1, 2012, however, Alisa decided to not renew her license as a marriage and family therapist (which was in good standing with the licensing board at the time her renewal was due). She is now focusing on doing dating coaching only, which is an education program (for which she does not need a license). Any reference to Alisa being a marriage and family therapist (in a previously recorded post, video, audio, article, or other media) would have been true at the time of the recording or post; however, as of October 1, 2012, Alisa chose to not renew her license as a marriage and family therapist because she decided to focus solely on dating and relationship coaching.





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