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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that although it is assumed that all singles will benefit from the concepts taught, individual results may vary. The Lasting Love Academy does not guarantee a specific outcome.

If you choose to request a refund of your purchase: 

  1. Send your written request within 30 days of purchase to Alisa Snell at [email protected] with "Refund" in the subject and your full name and email in the message.

  2. After receiving this written request and/or the Lasting Love Academy Gift Box (if included in the purchase) in excellent condition, your refund will be processed.

  3. EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY INCLUDE any time spent with Alisa Goodwin Snell or other LLA Coaches is not eligible for a refund. Alisa Goodwin Snell's non-package hourly rate is $325, and LLA Coaches are $275. This non-package hourly rate will be deducted from your eligible refund (when applicable). 

  4. There are no refunds on shipping and handling. Return shipping is at the buyer's expense. 

  5. If you make a request for a refund or termination of your monthly subscription AFTER THE FIRST 30 DAYS, we will contact you to discuss the situation but make no guarantees that you will be eligible for a refund or termination. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 
  6. LLA purchases that are based on a monthly subscription and are eligible for cancelation at any time will not be refunded due to failure on your part to cancel the subscription; however, a request for consideration of a partial refund can be sent to Alisa Snell at [email protected] with "Refund Subscription Request"i n the subject and your full name and email in the message. 

Where can I read testimonials and customer reviews?

Many singles have offered testimonials about the Lasting Love Academy, and clients have provided satisfaction reviews. Click these links to read what they have to say.

Is the Lasting Love Academy faith-friendly?

Most singles struggle with fears (such as not being good enough, rejection, failure, abandonment, being lied to, cheated on, abused, or missing out on something better). The Lasting Love Academy encourages singles to combat these fears with faith in themselves, their future, the goodness of the opposite sex, and religious or spiritual practices that support confidence in a loving God. The importance of empathy, self-control, and personal responsibility in relationships are taught. These values tend to align with most individuals and religions. Although Alisa Goodwin Snell's spiritual beliefs are briefly mentioned, the Lasting Love Academy is meant to support all religions.

If you struggle, like many singles, to have faith in spirituality or God, don't worry. This program will build on the faith that you have, or if you prefer, you can simply ignore the principles of faith and focus on other sections. 

Is the Lasting Love Academy culturally diverse?

The underlying concepts taught by the Lasting Love Academy should work universally among a wide variety of diverse populations. However, where there are dating differences between heterosexuals, LGBTQ+, and other social or cultural groups, we are happy to make recommendations and create groups within our community to support those of a religious preference, LGBTQ+, or cultural background when possible. The Lasting Love Academy emphasizes the importance of and benefits that come when individuals and couples exercise empathy, self-control, and personal responsibility. Those who appreciate these core values will find the Lasting Love Academy to be beneficial. If the service does not meet your needs, contact us at [email protected] to discuss options or a partial refund. 

 If you question whether the Lasting Love Academy would fit your needs, contact us at [email protected] to discuss your situation and the best way to proceed.

What are the terms and conditions of participation?

The terms and conditions are available at the bottom of most pages on our site but can also be accessed through the following links.

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