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Dating a widower, long-distance, or the never-married?


When Karen, a 38-year-old divorced mother of three, came back from her singles' vacation, she was excited about a widow, a divorced man with three kids, and a handsome, never-married man who lived locally. But who should she choose? The divorced man wouldn't be easy to date due to his crazy ex and living a few states away; however, their connection was too intense to resist! The widow seemed great, but how would she live up to the memory of a deceased wife? And would a man with commitment issues and no children understand hers? Her prospects seemed both appealing and doomed to failure!

This is Alisa Goodwin Snell with the Lasting Love Podcast, a service of the LastingLoveAcademy.com. You won't want to miss the experiences of Karen and the advice I provided. These situations are common. With the right perspective and techniques, you can navigate these issues with ease.

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