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Finding the Faith to Love and Be Loved


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We've all had painful experiences that feed our fears or make us doubt ourselves and our future. We fear that we'll fail, we can't have what others have, and we'll experience the same problems over and over again. We're scared of abuse, loss, abandonment, rejection, and betrayal. These anxieties keep us from being courageous, prevent us from putting ourselves out there, and affect our ability to confidently and securely respond to conflict. 

As a single mom with a 10-month old who struggled to provide for their needs while also recovering from a toxic short-term marriage, Alisa Goodwin Snell needed a solution to the painful thoughts and doubts that plagued her. The words of loving friends were not enough. She wanted to know the truth! It was this first step that became her most significant leap forward. The truths she learned transformed her fears, gave her a secure foundation, and helped her find the faith to believe that lasting love was possible for her!

So DON'T MISS this life-changing podcast on The Faith to Love and Be Loved, where Alisa shares the truths she and her clients used to transform their fears and relationships. With over 30 years of experience, both personally and professionally (as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Dating & Relationship Strategist), this podcast and the FREE Workbook Chapters (which will be emailed to you once you complete the form below) will help you discover the TRUTH that will SET YOU FREE from YOUR FEARS too!



To ensure that you discover the truths you need for greater faith and a secure foundation, Alisa Goodwin Snell and the LastingLoveAcademy.com are providing FREE access to Chapter 2: Create Your Top-Ten List and Chapter 3: Create Your Fears and Truths from the Become Secure Workbook. 


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