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We've all been that person who's been in a social group or setting and noticed someone on the outskirts, the wallflower, the one who tries to start a conversation very awkwardly, or they only come with one person and they stay with that person the whole time.

We've all seen these socially awkward situations and been afraid of being that person.  We've also been that person who is new, sees other people socializing, and wants to be a part of that group.

We're focusing today on HOW YOU CAN BREAK into these social groups. The challenge that you're having is really more about what you're doing inside your own head.  If you understand the dynamics of social groups and social interaction, you'll start to realize you can do this: It's really not you. It's your technique!

This is Alisa Goodwin Snell with the Lasting Love Podcast. I started off as a Marriage and Family Therapist and became a Dating and Relationship Strategist. I have nearly 30 years of experience in helping people to understand dating and relationships and social dynamics. It's been my passion to break these little elements of communication and social dynamics into pieces that others can understand. 

Some of us are really good at picking up on social cues and interaction. And the rest of us have to learn it through communicating with other people or through learning basic social rules and strategies and applying them. 

So if you want to be more SOCIALLY ACCEPTED, you will NOT WANT TO MISS THIS podcast!


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